Skala Kallirachi

Skala Kallirachi, Thassos Skala Kallirachi, Thassos

Skala Kalirachi is located on the west coast of the island directly next to the sparkling sea, giving a fabulous view of mainland Greece and the mountains of both Kavala and Agios Oros. It's a fantastic fishing area for those who enjoy the sport and also an ideal spot for those who prefer a quiet and relaxing time away from the noise of the larger towns and resorts. With a wide-open coast and a pleasant sea breeze, the climate in this area is wonderful, with very little humidity and countless beaches of different shapes and sizes all along the coastline.

Every sunset here is a work of art, full of wonderful colours that only nature can create, all providing the best atmosphere to help you to relax and find peace! Staying in the Skala Kalirachi area is great because here you will find everything necessary for an incredible holiday.

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